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Assignment Details:


Topic :: Management Accounting and Finance

Document Type :: Assignment help (any type)

Subject :: Accounting

Deadline :*: As Per Required

Number of Words :: 6500

Citation/Referencing Style :: Harvard Referencing


For the assignment Task-1 I have to select a PLC that has a listing on any recognized stock exchange of our choice and agree this with the module tutor.


Assessment Brief/Task


The detailed requirements for this task are as follows:


Assignment Task 1 (35 marks):

You are to select a PLC that has a listing on any recognized stock exchange of your choice and agree this with the module tutor.


You are required to produce a Financial Analysis of the company based upon the following ratios for the company for the years 2017 and 2018.


  1. Operating Profit Margin Ratio
  2. Price to Equity [P/e] Ratio
  3. Gearing Ratio
  4. Asset Turnover Ratio
  5. Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).
  6. Interest Cover Ratio


(You will need to show all relevant workings and supporting documentation). Your analysis will be based upon the ratios calculated and utilizing any background industry/company information you think is relevant.

Now examine the typical sources of finance options available to justify a 20% Net Asset investment in meeting future management priorities of the chosen PLC w.r.t addressing its competitive and leadership edge of staying invested in either :- R&D or Innovation or Debt Issuance {repayments}/ Restructuring / Re-engineering or Technological upgrades or Divestitures or M&A/ JV’s or any other suitable Asset Purchase constituting Capex requirements by integrating the management discussion & analysis from the Ratios evaluated

# R&D – Research & Development, M&A – Mergers & Acquisitions, JV’s – Joint Venture, Capex- Capital Expenditure.


Assignment Task 2 (20 marks):

You are to discuss the question whether the budgeting process is still fit for purpose in the modern environment from a planning and control dimension? How can scalable technologies such as cloud computing, big data and predictive analysis software prove ‘reliable’ in strengthening the planning, budgeting and forecasting exercise to be fully automated in the next five years.


Assignment Task 3 (20 marks):

Discuss the different types of performance management tools and techniques which can be deployed in large global companies for evaluating its suitability across a range of business and economic environments.


Assignment Task 4 (25 marks):

Imagine you are a CEO of a large global corporation and one of your Group Directors has approached with a business plan requiring significant capital expenditure. What types of capital investment appraisal techniques would you deploy to arrive at, while examining the fiscal viability of business proposal?


Assessment limits: No more than: 6500 words, excluding appendices



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