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LOG202 Managing Operations Assessment sample solution




Referencing Styles: APA  

Course Code: LOG202

Course Title: managing operations


Please refer to the uploaded question paper and work on Question 1b) only. 1b) Prudential is a medical insurance provider in Singapore which has the following claims to complete next week. The table is provided. hence please refer to the uploaded document. – Given the process claim capacity of 200 hours per week, examine if the firm is able to process all the claims. – Recommend some short-term capacity solutions if the firm is not able to complete the workload. Also to ensure that all working is shown clearly and in the event that Microsoft Excel is being used, please also provide me with it so that I can refer to it on my end. should there be any references needed, for it to be in APA format and to provide the website which has been used for reference? thank you.