SBS/ABS – MBA/MSc: Leadership Management Assignment Answers


Words: 3000


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Answer all the Questions.


Assessment Task


Discuss the significance of leadership in current uncertain business environment and answer following questions:


Question 1 :

According to Interactional (LFS) Framework, effective leadership behavior depends on many variables. Examine the interrelatedness of key components of LFS Framework and discuss the proposition that there is no simple prescription for effective leader behavior.


Question 2 :

Discuss the significance of analytical intelligence, practical intelligence, creative intelligence and emotional intelligence for business leaders of today. Do you think that is it possible to develop emotional intelligence? If yes, then what areas it should cover to improve leaderships ability.


Question 3 :

Examine the charismatic and Transformational Leadership Styles as an Emotional Approach to Organization Change with the help of relevant examples.


The assignment should broadly cover following areas:


  • Brief Introduction of Leadership and its significance in today’s uncertain business environment🙁 150 words)
  • Question 1 Discussion on LFS Framework: (900 words)
  • Question 2 Significance of Intelligence for business leaders: (900 words)
  • Question 3 Charismatic and Transformational Leadership styles: (900 words)
  • Conclusion: (150 words)




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