ISY34BB/ BT/ FIS 30BT Cargo Storage Management System Case Study Assignment Answer


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Cargo Storage Management System


The traditional cargo management system is completely manual and hence, tedious and much time consuming. There is a high chance of losing and delivering the items to wrong recipients due to misplacement of a single paper. So, a computerized and online management system is an ultimate solution to such problems in Cargo-related systems.


The cargo management system is an application that will help in maintaining the cargo trading either through ship or airline or locally. This application can be used by a company to know about the cargo quantity that is managed within a specific warehouse. This application can drastically reduce the pen paper work as it can be automated. It can also help in storing the information in a more easy way. The data can be stored easily through this application. The user interface will be simple and user friendly. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can implement in real time world.


The fundamental building blocks to cargo revenue maximization begin with sufficient, reliable and accessible data. The real challenge is not just to capture the complete life cycle of a shipment from original booking for storage space through to invoicing and finally delivery to another warehouse, but to do so in a dynamic and timely way.


Cargo booking software will manage the goods of a supplier in a warehouse. This software will have supplier login and warehouse admin login for different warehouses. This product will allow the supplier to keep an eye on the goods that they have that are stored in warehouses. The warehouse storage module will allow the warehouse admin to accept goods, check condition of goods if the goods are damaged then the system must inform the supplier of the damage to the goods before they can be stored. After the supplier confirms the status of the goods, the system must create a gate pass for the cargo. It calculate weight and sends out an invoice to the supplier on a weekly basis. A supplier may request that cargo be moved from warehouse to warehouse. In this instance, a delivery module can be invoked to handle this process and all relevant data must be made available to the warehouse admin and the on where the cargo is at any point in time and the charges involved in the delivery. When cargo arrives for storage at another warehouse, the warehouse storage module is invoked to handle the storage.


Proposed Modules: 

  • Warehouse Admin Module
    • Shift Cargo from one warehouse to another
    • View Reports
    • Track Cargo
    • Produce invoice
    • Checking Weight
    • Checking for damage
    • Storing Cargo
    • Dispatch cargo
    • Create gate pass
  • Supplier Detail Module: The major function of this module is to record the necessary details of customer in the database so that it can be accessed whenever it is required.
  • Cargo management: The information about the cargo being managed by a particular company can be managed in this module.
  • Transaction Detail Module: The details of the goods to be delivered and their transaction details need to be stored. This is done using this module.
  • Billing Module: For the computation of overall income and expenditure in the cargo company, it is necessary to make bills of each transaction. The bills are prepared and overall financial calculations are performed through this module.
  • Inquiry module: Inquiry module is similar to search option. One can look for various information such as number of items to be delivered, name of customer etc. by using this module.
  • Tracking Module: The users of the proposed system can track the cumulative bagging and cumulative dispatching of cargo at the end of each day.



  • Fast and easy way of cargo
  • Warehouse and supplier can view and locate
  • Warehouse and supplier can view all reports and analyze
  • Gate pass will be created
  • Warehouse will check for space in warehouse and if less space it will send cargo to other
  • This system can be used by suppliers to keep a watch on their stored cargo without visiting the


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