Enterprise Database And Design Application Assignment

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  • Referencing Styles : Harvard
  • Pages : 2750
  • Course Code: IST 634
  • Course Title: enterprise database
  • University: Cleveland State University
  • Country: US




Analysis of the selected business operation from the interview recording and documentation collected from the company


Logical Design of Relational Data Base


Learning Microsoft SQL Server application in database design


Learning Visual Studio C# programming


Learning C# programming to create application connecting to Microsoft SQL Server


Project Description & Milestones


Stage 1 Analysis: Identify the Business Models. (Analysis of selected business)


Stage 2 Logical Design: Identify the DB Application. (Design database structure with Crow’s Foot Notation ERD, including PKs and FKs, and Business Rules.)


Stage 3 Physical Design: Identify Issues Pertaining to Collecting & Managing Data. Identify the Types of Data Stores in the SQL Server DB. Create the DB in SQL Server.


Stage 4 Implementation: Design Application System with Visual Studio C# accessing the DB.


Stage 5 Modification and Maintenance: Identify the test data set for testing application with DB.


Methodology and Implementation Plan


For the methodology and implementation plan, it will involve a significant number of steps to make sure that the database and application is developed in the best way possible. The first thing to make note of is that this project will be using the RAD methodology and will make significant changes along the whole of the development process. The first step in the development process will require the creation of a few requirements analysis diagrams. This project is hoping to make use of use/case scenarios, activity diagram, and queries. Afterwards, an ER diagram will be developed to get a logical view of the setup of the database being created. It is decided to adopt C# in creating the application for Microsoft SQL Server DBMS. More technical, methodological, and implementation plans will be updated and added as the application and database are developed.


Expected Results: The Deliverables


A working applicational relational database system for Jason Pizza restaurant will be developed. What known that would be deliverables would be minimum five tables within the database, a list of queries, reports, user training plan, and the designed application codes. Otherwise, this list should grow as the development progresses. The developed database application system will be executed and demonstrated in class.  The (cumulative) final documentation of design process and the program source codes will be submitted to the instructor.