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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: Not Selected  
  • Words: 3250
  • Course Code: INFS602
  • Course Title: data visualisation
  • University: The University Of Sydney
  • Country: AU


Task Summary:



The purpose of this assignment is to enable students:

  • Develop knowledge of key Data Visualisation (DV) concepts and understand related challenges.
  • Apply principles and best practices to develop data visualisations based on real-world datasets.
  • Enhance research, critical thinking skills, and solution development skills.


Part 1

Read the case of the: Personal location data (Veale, M. “Data management and use: Case studies of technologies and governance.”, 2018; pdf posted on canvas). Additionally, conduct independent research on the topic of ‘personal location data’ and find an “interactive” visualisation corresponding to any one of the five modes of self-tracking (as per section 6.1 of the case study). Then, answer the follow questions related to the visualisation:

a) Provide the Internet link (url) to the visualisation. Explain which mode of self-tracking the visualisation applies to? how did you come to this conclusion?

b) Use data visualisation frameworks and decision contexts discussed in weeks 1 and 2 to analyse the visualisation. Explain the decision context, the purpose, function, and form of the visualisation.

c) What are the key takeaways from the visualisation?

d) Critically reflect on the visualisation based on week 4 topic: ‘Designing Effective Visualisations’. Provide at least three examples of good practices used in the visualisation. Provide three examples of areas for improvements. Explain your rationale in detail.


Part 2

Read the 3DFit Studio case study (see Appendix at the end of this document). Then, answer the following:

a) Business Understanding: Conduct independent research on the topic to understand the business model of 3D scan-based fitness management. Provide justifications based on your research.

  • Describe your understanding of the business model of 3D scan-based fitness management globally?
  • What assumptions do you explicitly make about the underlying business model of 3D scan-based fitness management?
  • What type of customers is most likely to use 3D scan for fitness management? How popular is 3D scan-based fitness management?
  • What motivates customers to use 3D scan for fitness management?