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Assignment Details

  • Referencing Styles: Harvard  
  • Course Code: HAT205
  • Course Title: gaming and entertainment management in hospitality and tourism
  • University: Kaplan Business School
  • Country: AU


Our task: You are required to choose two gaming and entertainment venues local to your residential address, truganina, Melbourne, VIC 3029, in Australia and to conduct a comparative investigation based on the theories and concepts covered in weeks 1 to 4. Assessment Description: In this individual assessment, students will be allowed to contrast various types of business structures in the gaming and entertainment industries within the context of hospitality and tourism.


Furthermore, students will practice examining gaming and entertainment activities undertaken in the hospitality and tourism markets. Assessment Instructions: Before you start working on this assessment, please conduct preliminary web research around the area you reside in to determine suitable venues you will investigate. Before making a choice, please consult your workshop facilitator. Likewise, please discuss your approach to this assessment with your workshop facilitator if you are located overseas.


Once you have chosen the two gaming and entertainment venues, you are required to thoroughly review and investigate the information provided on the venues’ websites and other sites such as Trip Advisor, and address the following questions by considering to what extent these venues differ:


• What type of business is it (a bar, nightclub, hotel (pub), casino, or social club)? Provide three reasons why you formed this view. Please use theories and concepts covered in weeks 1 and 2 to support your analysis.


• what type of entertainment and gambling activities does each of the venues have on offer? Please use theories and concepts covered in weeks 1 and 2 to support your analysis.


• How does each of the venues motivate visitors to engage in gambling and entertainment activities? Please use examples, theories and concepts covered in weeks 3 and 4 to support your analysis.


Based on your web research, you are then required to create a one-page poster in which you must provide us with a visual comparison of both venues by using the above questions as headings. The designed poster must be accompanied by a 600-word concise summary of the key findings.