A Case Study on Performance Management for Human Resource Management


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CASE STUDY [30 Marks]




Behavioural Learning Centre, Inc. offers programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs of children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. Each program begins with a comprehensive assessment of the child’s current skill level as well as their behavioral patterns. The center has locations spanned across Los Angeles County – Santa Clarita, Calabasas, Palmdale, Sherman Oaks, and Denver, Colorado – and has provided invaluable early intervention services for more than 12 years.




With ever-growing employee strength (more than 300 team members), better and effective employee assessment is one of the significant initiatives that the Behavioral Learning Center was aiming at. They felt that while they were forging ahead and evolving as a company, their employee review system was archaic and ineffective. Behavioral Learning Center knew the importance of having the right people in the right jobs, and hence efficient performance management system was the prime agenda.


The Behavioral Learning Center team consisted of more than 50 managers with a rotating team that changed after the completion of each project. In an increasingly collaborative and knowledge-intensive workplace, it was becoming increasingly tedious and ineffective to review team member performances after the completion of each project.


In the current system, the HR at Behavioral Learning Center had assigned all managers their dedicated team members, but since their organization structure was agile, it made it challenging to evaluate the employees when the team shuffled. It was cumbersome for HR, and the management to provide a foundation for determining increments and succession plans for employees and the development of an organization. In summary, the performance review system was not conducive to driving organizational growth.


The challenge was two-fold here: The first challenge was to give an effective platform for managers to review their team, and second, was to devise a comprehensive yet straightforward employee performance evaluation process that could fit the changing roles of team members for each project.




The task of updating and consolidating the performance management process fell to Assess TEAM. The job was to implement a single automated system that could be used for all of the employees for all their locations. The concierge team at Assess TEAM put their thinking caps on to find an effective solution for the educational center.


The first idea was to make all managers as evaluators and schedule evaluations every quarter. But, this will entail that each manager will receive hundreds of emails every quarter, making it extremely difficult to sieve those mails and find the ones that needed their attention. What was required was to design a simple way for the managers to evaluate the changing team members without having to follow a tedious mail trail or a cumbersome process.


Working closely with the management at Behavioral Learning Center, Assess TEAM drew up a list of the criteria that a new system needed to meet its strategic goals. Top on the list was the ease of use. A new system also had to save time. And, because employees worked at multiple locations, the system needed to be web-based for accessibility and had to be flexible, to easily incorporate core competencies into different forms.




After the successful implementation of the Continuous Feedback System, the client witnessed the following results:


1. Saved the HR from maintaining the tiresome database – helping to save hundreds of working hours.


2 Management can complete evaluations for on-field assessments using smartphone apps.


3 Management can initiate feedback as soon as the projects are completed, resulting in increased harmony between the administration and the team.


4 The new system offers an excellent opportunity to focus on work activities and goals to encourage better performance. The system had a profound impact on levels of employee enthusiasm, which helped to raise productivity levels.


5. Accurate and timely reviews help employees to understand better what’s expected of them, so that they can set clear, measurable objectives. This translated into higher employee satisfaction.


6 A marked increase in employee engagement, with voluntary turnover decreasing by 30% since continuous feedback was introduced.


Shepard, D. (2020). Case study: Behavioural learning center uses continuous feedback for better employee performance management


Answer ALL the questions in this section.

QUESTION 1  (15 Marks)


The real challenge and importance of Performance Management could be found in the achievement and the maintenance of this ideal balance. Evaluate the 5 key characteristics of a good performance management system and use examples from the extract to support each characteristic.


QUESTION 2   (15 Marks)

Identify and discuss any 5 of the overarching factors that determine the success of performance management.



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