FPC008 Investment Advice Assignment Solutions


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 1200


FPC008 Investment Advice


Independent research


For some or all questions in this assignment, you will be required to complete independent research beyond the provided materials. You will also be expected to analyse this research and use it to support your own reasoned conclusions.


This includes:

  • consideration of multiple sources beyond topic notes or other provided resources
  • sources included are academically sound and credible
  • analysing and understanding the argument or information the source presents
  • using the material appropriately to directly support your

Where significant independent research is required for a given question, it will be clearly indicated in the question instructions and the Criteria-Based Marking Guide.


Assignment structure, referencing and presentation


Your assignment should be presented in a clear and appropriate format, with all sources correctly referenced and cited.


You are required to:

  • structure a clear response to each question, using headings if required
  • number questions (including sub-questions) and pages
  • use correct font style and size
  • ensure tables or graphs are clearly labelled and readable
  • clearly set out calculations or workings, where they are required
  • adhere to the assignment word limit
  • cite sources and provide a reference list at the end of your It is recommended to use Kaplan Professional’s preferred referencing style, Harvard (see Kaplan Australia: Harvard Referencing Guide, available from the ‘Build Your Skills’ hub in KapLearn), but the consistent application of any other referencing style will also be accepted.


Criteria-Based Marking Guide for referencing and presentation


The Criteria-Based Marking Guide (CBMG) provided at the end of each question is designed to assist you to understand what is expected of you in each question and to let you know how your performance will be judged. It provides advice about the criteria used in the marking of the question and what discriminates between an excellent, satisfactory and unsatisfactory answer.


The CBMG below outlines the expectations for referencing and presentation in this assignment.


Assignment 1: Critical Analysis


Question 1

Read two (2) or more of the articles listed below and answer the following two (2) questions:

(a) Evaluate the empirical evidence and arguments for and against the efficient market hypothesis (EMH), drawing on your knowledge, independent research, the theoretical perspectives and evidence presented in two (2) or more of the articles.


(b) Analyse the usefulness and possible applications of the EMH in the provision of investment advice, taking into account independent research and the evidence presented in two (2) or more of the articles.


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