ENV2201 Land Studies of  Degradation Issues and Conservation Assignment Answer Help


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Aim of Assignment

To give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you can describe the inter-relationships between geology, morphology, water, soils, vegetation and fauna resources (Objective 2)


To enable you to demonstrate an understanding of land degradation issues and conservation practices (Objective 4)


Background to assignment


In this assignment, we shall investigate either a single development project, or alternatively a strategic vision for an area. Either one of those can be deemed to have impact on matters of national environmental significance (as opposed to Assignment 1, where we looked only at projects that had a state impact). Hence, different sets of legislation come into play, with different processes.


A significant impact is an impact which is important, notable, or of consequence, having regard to its context or intensity. Whether or not an action is likely to have a significant impact depends upon the sensitivity, value, and quality of the environment which is impacted, and upon the intensity, duration, magnitude and geographic extent of the impacts. You should consider all these factors when determining whether an action is likely to have a significant impact on the environment.


Under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPIC) Act 1999, environmental assessments are undertaken to enable environment and biodiversity conservation. There are nine matters of national environmental significance identified under the EPIC Act:


Identify any major degradation issues that have arisen, or could be expected to arise, from the development, or from the strategic vision for the area.


In your answer, explain the processes that have led/may lead to your identified degradation issue (e.g. building a dam has reduced flooding, but changed the nature of the waterway, hence reducing the fish populations, and also the fertility of the surrounding soils due to smaller deposits of fertile sediments).