CRKC7014 Digital Marketing Assessment Solutions


Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Digital Marketing Assessment Brief
  • Subject: Marketing
  • Number of Words: 4000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard


CRKC7014 Digital Marketing


Section 1: Digital marketing campaign report


Assuming the role of a marketing manager of a company of your choice, you are to propose a digital marketing campaign to achieve their business goals. The report should include the following:


  • Executive summary – this should highlight the rationale for your campaign, your vision and big idea and what results you aim to achieve. Your executive summary should highlight the key themes and outputs of your campaign so the reader can gain a quick understanding of your creative idea, execution and forecasted (Approximately 500 words).


  • Situational analysis – you should evaluate the companies market situation and competitive landscape in the digital marketing element. This sections includes identifying business goals and digital SMART objectives for your company and proposed digital


  • Digital marketing strategy – this section should include identifying and defining your target audience, campaign idea and creative strategy including customer attraction and retention strategy. These should be supported by academic underpinning.


  • Digital marketing plan – this explains your media choices and spend to achieve the strategy. This includes the recommended measurement (Key Performance Indicators) and distribute of the budget over the campaign period / by channel to get a maximum return on investment. The plan needs to be realistic and reflect the company’s strategy and


  • Literature integration – Incorporate specific elements, topics and analysis covered in the units, learning material and forum discussion within the relevant report sections (See section 3: Evidence matrix).


Section 2: Reflexive commentary


A critical reflection of your changing practice and professional accountability.

The reflexive commentary is a synoptic ‘stitching together’ your leaning journey thorough this course and discuss the key topics covered within the units and your involvement with the online forum.


In it you should:

  • Identify topics and themes– covered, emergent and implications
  • Synthesise ideas from the different
  • Critically evaluate your learning from the digital marketing
  • Reflect on how this learning will influence your current


You have 500 word allowance for the reflexive essay, which is a relatively small amount, thus it is important you do not cram too many descriptive ideas and personal experiences – your main goal is to provide your broad perspective and analyse of digital marketing, referring to some of your experiences —not to write your autobiography. Low marks for the reflexive would reflect highly descriptive summaries with little critical evaluation resulting from discussing too many individual factors that may not be relevant to the module.


Section 3: Evidence matrix (Appendix)


In this section you should provide evidence for your engagement with the learning materials.

In the evidence matrix (EM), briefly explain how they relate to your written sections they are cited in and influenced your critical thinking and/or analysis.


The EM provides demonstrates your engagement and consideration for the learning materials which is worth 10% of your grade – your EM should demonstrate specific reflections on the individual unit topics using specific learning material (i.e. journal papers, external reports, videos) uploaded under the weekly units.


A minimum of 5 learning materials from the module units should be cited as references in your report or reflexive essay, and critically reflected upon in your EM. Your EM should ONLY reflect on learning material uploaded under the weekly unit topics, thus there is no need to reflect on the additional references you cite in your report and essay.


Your EM would be marked based on the level of in-depth critical analysis and thinking applied within the brief summaries in reference to the unit topic and its relevance to sections in your campaign report and/or reflexive essay.


Marking the EM – A low mark would be applied if the reflective summaries of an article, forum discussions or points of the topics, cited in your report and essay, are descriptive and contains little reflection. A high mark would display a deep reflection that incorporates a recognition of a learning material source, forum discussions or points of the topics and individual critical thinking of the points/topics within that material.


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