CHCLEG003 Assessment Solutions on Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance

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Assignment Details:-

  • Words: 2000


  1. Describe how plain English documentation explaining legislation can assist organizations to understand compliance requirements.


  1. It is important to do have so in order to comply with the legal aspects and operate successfully without legal barriers and with legal support.


  1. Identify and describe a piece of legislation relating to the following types of discrimination in the workplace.


  1. Relating to age:
  2. Relating to race:
  3. Relating to sex:
  4. Relating to disability


  1. Why is it necessary to obtain informed consent from a person when providing community services?


  1. Identify and describe two (2) rights and two (2) responsibilities of workers in the community services sector.


  1. Identify and describe two (2) rights and two (2) responsibilities of employers in the community services sector


  1. Describe how industrial relations legislation and requirements apply to community service organizations. Identify the Act governing industrial relations.


  1. Describe the law relating to work health and safety in the workplace.


  1. Describe one example of specific statutory reporting requirements relating to an area of the community services sector.


  1. Explain the purpose of a code of practice.


  1. Describe how complaints could be managed internally by a community services organization.


  1. Explain the importance of understanding practitioner–client boundaries in community services work.


  1. Explain how policies and procedures are used to manage compliance and ethical practice in internal work practices.


  1. Explain why community services organizations are required to develop and implement plans, policies, and codes of conduct or incorporate certain workplace practices


  1. Describe two (2) ways that community service workers could clarify their level of authority.


  1. Explain the need for community services organizations to apply for licences and associated certifications.


  1. What organizational documents outline your work role and the boundaries and limitations of your responsibilities?


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