CHCDIS001 Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strength-based approach – Final Assessment-1



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  • The questions are completed in class
  • Briefly answer the questions below in the spaces provided. Use the space provided as a guide to the length of your
  • This must be your own work
  • You cannot use any resources for this assessment
  • You must get a satisfactory response for each question


Q 1: What are two benefits of using a person-centred approach when identifying the skill development needs of a person with a disability?


Q2: Explain the concept of person-centred practice?


Q3: Explain the social model of disability?


Q4: Explain how competency and image enhancement address devaluation so that a person with a disability can take their rightful place in the community?


Q5: Describe three assessment processes relating to ongoing skill development?


Q6: Identify the most common formal assessment tool and describe how is it is used?


Q7: When using informal assessment processes, what steps should be taken if you notice a person you are supporting can no longer do something that they were able to in the past?


Q8: List common types of organisational documents which should guide a community support worker when documenting development needs?


Q9: Identify two local community education opportunities and explain how they could be used to build the capacity of a person with a disability?


Q10. List three different skill sets and match them to the relevant specialists available to address the learning needs of people with disability?


Q11. Provide three examples of how you would use appropriate language when engaging a person in identifying learning goals?


Q12. What is self-determination and how does apply this principle to improve support and opportunities for a person with a disability?


Q13. Describe how an active support approach assists a person with a disability to acquire new skills, and how it leads to learning experiences which are motivating?


Q14. Explain the benefit of using the strengths-based practice for adult learning?


Q15. When you are monitoring a person’s ongoing skills development, what principles of assessment should your method follow and what are the benefits of keeping to these principles?


Q16: Identify two examples of opportunities for incidental learning and explain what skills a person you are supporting may be able to develop in these settings?


Q17. Describe a strategy for withdrawing support from a person you are supporting so that they may be encouraged in experiential learning?


Q18 When deciding to withdraw support slowly from a person who is learning a new skill, what responsibility should you consider and what should you assess?


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