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Assessment Method 1 – Short Answer Questions

  1. List three examples of both verbal and non-verbal
  2. Give an example of a situation at work where you have communicated service information to another person. How can you confirm a person has understood you?
  3. What precautions can you take to ensure confidentiality is kept during communication?
  4. List 3 examples of what information should you retain when receiving instructions. List 3 examples of what information should you write down when receiving a
  5. What types of service providers are there in the health care system? What three national subsidy strategies exist in Australia?
    1. Give two to three examples for each of the following:
      • Workplace acronyms
      • Workplace abbreviations
      • Workplace sociolect
  6. Identify three difficult situations that you may experience at work. Explain how you would deal with each and report them?
  7. Identify three people/positions/roles that may be considered above you in the hierarchy of the workplace.
  8. Give an example of an individual and a cultural constraint in communication that you can accommodate in your work?.
  9. Define conflict of interest. Outline steps to resolve Conflict of
  10. What is the duty of care and legal requirements for your work role?
  11. Give an example of each:
    • Breach in the duty of care
    • Non-adherence to standard procedure
    • Adverse event
  12. Outline a few responsibilities of employee and client at the
  13. How would you seek feedback for developing your skills and knowledge at work and who would you seek this from?
    1. Identify a change that your organisation could identify to improve work
    • What does it aim to achieve?
    • How will it manage this? What needs to be done?
    • What will the outcome be?
  14. Briefly describe your organisation’s communication policies and procedures for the use of digital

Final Assessment-2 PROJECT (PROJ) CASE STUDY


Read the instructions below before commencing this project:

  • This is a takeaway assessment that can be prepared in your own time out of class.
  • You are required to research the following topics and answer the questions within each topic
  • Make sure you write clearly and legibly
  • The length of the answer is indicated by the instructions for each task
  • Your assessor will provide you with timeframes to complete this assessment
  • It must be your own work

Q1. Select two (2) topics from this list and explain why they are important for the care industry.

  • A holistic and person-centred approach
  • Promotion of the wellbeing of staff, clients, and communities
  • Early identification of problems
  • Delivery of appropriate services
  • Commitment to meeting the needs and upholding the rights of people
  • Commitment to empowering the person and/or the community
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Preventative strategies
  • Exercise of responsibilities and accountabilities within the context of the duty of care for

NOTE: Please provide the reference from which the information has been collected, students have to paraphrase the information in their own words.

Students can use quotes and references to websites





ALL STUDENTS: Presentation and Map

Scenario: Below are some of the scenarios where you either develop a map by working in groups or role-play accordingly as asked in the scenario.



Q1: A patient/client has visited your service to ask for assistance with a healthcare matter, for example, they require additional medication or have requested to see a specific worker. They are displaying signs of stress/agitation and have requested a quick response.


Provide an account of this below in a clear manner, for passing to the appropriate person.


Q2: Provide an example document that you would need to complete to organisational standards. You can either replicate this in the space below or provide evidence of one attached to your workbook. As a simulation, fill this out as you would be required to with example details. EX: Behaviour of Concern-Incident report form




Form Groups or work in Pairs to complete the task as outlined.

If the result of the assessment is that you are Not Yet Satisfactory, you may be required to retake the assessment.

Resources required for Practical Assessment
·       Appropriate workplace or simulated work placement where assessment can take place

·       Relevant organisation policy, protocols and procedures

·      Equipment and resources normally used in the workplace

·      Where for reasons of safety, space or access to equipment and resources, the assessment takes place away from the workplace, the assessment environment should represent workplace conditions as closely as possible

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