BUSM25288 Leadership Strengths Development Assessment


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: BUSM25288
  • Course Title: Leadership Development
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 2000
  • University: Sheridan college
  • Country: CA




My Leadership Strengths


Over the course of the first few weeks of the semester, we will be doing various in-class exercises where you will have an opportunity to identify your authentic self you’re your authentic leadership strengths. All of the following should be completed and handed in as part of this assignment:


1. Read the first 30 pages of Strengths Finder 2.0 and complete the assessment exercise to determine your top 5 strengths. Respond to the following questions:


  • What did you experience, feel or learn from this exercise?
  • How does what you learned help to increase your understanding of yourself and your leadership potential?
  • How might this new knowledge help you in a future leadership situation?


2. Complete the “Summary of Leadership Strengths” form that we worked on in class. Ensure that all of the “My Authentic Strengths” and “My Leadership Strengths” are completed in the two columns on this form. Include two examples where you have used one of your leadership strengths in a real situation. Describe what took place and what you learned. What might you do differently next time?


3. Complete your “Leadership Credo” based on the work from your Summary of Leadership Strengths and based on the Leadership Credo guideline and example from the slides presented in class. Ensure that your credo is real and resonates for you.


4. Based upon your “Summary of Leadership Strengths” and your “Leadership Credo” what are the top three leadership strengths that you most identify with and why? Now that you have an awareness of these personal strengths, how might you use each one to become a more effective leader in the next year?