Business Law: The Principal-Agent Relationship


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Assignment Details:-

  • Pages/Words: 2000

Assignment Task:


Dalila appointed Devi as her agent to purchase an application software for accounting. Dalila stated that the price of the software must not exceed rm10, 000/-. Devi exceeded her authority by purchasing the software from her friend, chow, at the price of rm15, 000/-.

i) Explain in which situation Dalila may have to pay for the software.

ii) What if Dalila finds out later that Devi also receives secret commission amounted to rm1000/- from chow?

Advise Dalila, who is not satisfied with Devi.


  1. Individual Presentation (Video 10%-Rubrik PLO-7-Daya Usaha)


  • Each student will be assigned a problematic question/ a case study based on the topic to be discussed in class.
  • The presentation of the discussion and solution to the question based on legal references should be in a short video format of 5 to 10 minutes.


  1. Individual Written Assignment (Laporan Video 10%- rubrik PLO6-Tanggungjawab kerja)

Based on the above video presentation and problematic question, each student has to write an essay of about 2000 words:

  • Describe how you have proceeded with the video project.
  • Write the answer to the problematic question given.
  • The written assignment must pass a plagiarism check of not more than 40% similarity index. A link to submit to Turnitin will be given later. The deadline (by week 12)

Use Times New Roman Font, size 12, double spacing and justified. The front page format is attached below.