BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability


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The following questions may be answered verbally with your assessor or you may write down your answers. Please discuss this with your assessor before you commence. Short Answers are required which is approximately 4 typed lines = 50 words, or 5 lines of handwritten text.


Your assessor will take down dot points as a minimum if you choose to answer them verbally.


Answer the following questions either verbally with your assessor or in writing.


  1. What information determines the scope of a policy?
  2. Why should stakeholder engagement be central to any “sustainable development” agenda?
  3. What is the purpose of a waste assessment?
  4. Discuss the two steps in developing an integrated policy that reflects the organisation’s commitment to sustainability.
  5. List four ways of promoting or communicating your policy to including employees, customers and other key stakeholders.
  6. When implementing strategies for continuous improvement, what must you keep in mind?
  7. When documenting your outcomes, there are two important points which must be shown, in addition to the data showing your improvement. What are they and why should they be shown?
  8. When would you need to modify a policy?


written activity

For this activity you must complete the following written activity addressing all the points below:

Task 1

  1. Your task is to develop a sustainability policy for your business. This policy must be formatted and professional and can be based on any sustainability area you would like to see implemented.

a). Define scope of sustainability policy

b). Gather information from a range of sources to plan and develop policy

c). Identify and consult stakeholders as required

d). Include appropriate strategies in policy at all stages of work for:

      • Minimising resource use
      • Reducing toxic material and hazardous chemical use
      • Employing life cycle management approaches

e). Make recommendations for policy options based on likely effectiveness, time frames and cost

f). Develop a policy that reflects the organisation’s commitment to sustainability as an integral part of business planning and as a business opportunity (this policy must include a section on key performance indicators relating to the improvement)

g). Agree to appropriate methods of implementation

You have a sample policy in your resource that outlines the typical requirements for policy content.

You will then need to identify how you will:

  1. Communicate the policy to stakeholders including:

a). How will you promote the workplace sustainability policy and outcomes

b). How will you inform those involved in implementing the policy as to:


      • outcomes expected
      • activities to be undertaken
      • responsibilities assigned


  1. Implement the policy including:


    • The development of implementation procedures
    • Communication of those procedures to relevant people
    • What strategies will you use for continuous improvement in resource efficiency
    • How continuous improvement will be tracked


4.  Review the policy implementation including:

a). Methods used to document outcomes and provide feedback to key personnel and stakeholders

b). Investigating successes or improvement needs

c). How you will monitor records to identify trends that may require remedial action and

d). How you will use those records to promote continuous improvement of performance

e). How you will ensure the policy and or procedures are modified to ensure improvements are made


Research Report


Task 2


For this task you must research each of the following topics, and complete a basic report on your findings. Use you policy development in in activity one as a guide to your answers:


  1. Outline the environmental or sustainability legislation, regulations and codes of practice applicable to your chosen organisation,
  2. Identify internal and external sources of information and explain how they were used to plan and develop your sustainability policy.
  3. Explain the process and practices you used to develop your policy.
  4. Outline the organisational systems and procedures that relate to sustainability in your workplace.
  5. Outline the typical barriers you might face when implementing your policy and procedure and how you might address them.


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