BSBRSK501 Manage Workforce Planning Assessment Task 2


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Your trainer and assessor will be grading your work and provide you with constructive feedback on the Learning Management system.


Task 2 – Performance and Skills Assessment


General instructions


Read through the following questions and all the additional information about Bounce Fitness and then complete all the tasks.


This Task requires you to develop a risk management plan for Bounce Fitness.


BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business


Select a risk that could be posed by the Bounce Fitness Corporate Marketing Plan. The final risk management plan must be in an appropriate format. You will be able to find several examples of risk management plans online.


BSB61015 – Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management


  1. Review the processes, procedures, and requirements for undertaking risk management and discuss. Identify and explain how the AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines could be used as part of the plan.
  2. Determine the scope for this risk management project.
  3. Identify the internal and external stakeholders, and the possible issues that they may have.
  4. Review the political, economic, social, legal, technological, and policy contexts in relation to managing risk for this risk.
  5. Review the strengths and weaknesses of Bounce fitness existing arrangements
  6. Create a list of critical success factors, goals, and objectives in the area included in the scope.
  7. Discuss who you will request for support and how you will do this.
  8. With whom will you communicate and invite to participate in this risk management process? How will you achieve this?
  9. How will you invite relevant parties to assist in the identification of risks?
  10. What are the risks that may apply to scope?
  11. What tools and techniques did you use to generate the list of risks that apply to the scope and with whom did you consult regarding this?
  12. How did you assess likelihood of risk occurring? How did you assess impact or consequence if risks occur?
  13. How did you evaluate and prioritise risks for treatment?
  14. How did you deter mine and select the most appropriate options for treating the risks that you have chosen to work with? Identify which insurer and insurance policies you could engage and purchase and explain how they could assist with any risk minimisation.
  15. Include a copy of your action plan for implementing the risk


The action plan must include:


  • What actions are required?
  • Who is taking responsibility?
  • Timelines
  • Monitoring


  1. How will you communicate the risk management processes to relevant parties? Who are the relevant parties?
  2. How will you ensure all documentation is in order and appropriately stored?
  3. How will you implement and monitor the action plan?
  4. How will you evaluate the risk management process?



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