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Assessment Task 2 Cover Sheet


Words limit: 1200- 1600 Words


Student Declaration


To be filled out and submitted with assessment responses


  • I declare that this task is all my own work and I have not cheated or plagiarised the work or colluded with any other student(s).
  • I understand that if I If I am found to have plagiarised, cheated or colluded, action will be taken against me according to the process explained to me.
  • I have correctly referenced all resources and reference texts throughout these assessment tasks.
Student name
Student ID number
Student signature


Assessor declaration

  • I hereby certify that this student has been assessed by me and that the assessment has been carried out according to the required assessment procedures.


Assessor name
Assessor signature
Assessment outcome S NS DNS Re-submission    Y     N





Student result response


  • My performance in this assessment task has been discussed and explained to me.
  • I would like to appeal this assessment decision.
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Assessment Task 2: Marketing performance project


Task summary


This assessment task requires students to conduct a strategic analysis and marketing performance review of a case study organisation and consult with staff in order to develop marketing objectives. Students will also be required to develop a marketing risk management strategy.




  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Access to the Internet for research and to access examples of Marketing Plans and legislation and ethical requirements at:






  • Printer
  • Briefing Report Template
  • Marketing Objectives Briefing Report Template
  • Risk Management Legend
  • Risk Management Plan Template
  • Strategic and Operational Plan
  • Meeting space
  • Role play participants (assessor and students)



The assessor will advise you of the due date of this submission.


Write in the due date below as advised by your assessor:





  • Email to your assessor with your Briefing Report as an attachment
  • Email to your assessor with your revised Briefing Report as an attachment
  • Email to your assessor with your Risk Management Plan as an attachment


Assessment criteria


Students must complete all of the activities listed and will be assessed against the assessment criteria included in the checklist included with this task.


Re-submission opportunities


Students will be provided feedback on their performance by their Assessor. The feedback will indicate if you have satisfactorily addressed the requirements of each part of this task.

If any parts of the task are not satisfactorily completed your assessor will explain why and provide you written feedback along with guidance on what you must undertake to demonstrate satisfactory performance. Re-assessment attempt/s will be arranged at a later time and date.

Students have the right to appeal the outcome of assessment decisions if they feel they have been dealt with unfairly or have other appropriate grounds for an appeal.ion.


Write in the due date below as advised by your assessor:


Assignment reviews


Assessment Task 2 Instructions


Carefully read the following:


Boutique Build Australia was established in 2014 and is a boutique building company based in Sydney that specialises in the design and build of high quality designer homes for the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas.


The company has been operational for three years and employs a number of staff including CEO, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, Administration Officer, Site Manager and two sales consultants.

The company has recently developed a Strategic Plan as part of a new focused approach to the business. There is a strong emphasis on green building services. The Strategic Plan will also be used to formulate a marketing plan as to date, limited investment and staff time have been put into marketing. The role of Marketing Manager (your role) has recently been established within the business, as it the importance of the marketing function has been recognised. The CEO has also indicated it may be possible to recruit a new marketing officer to assist with marketing functions.


To date, most business is generated through word of mouth. The company has a website which has also generated some business. At the beginning of the year a SEO expert was employed with the objective of increasing web traffic by 20%. The most recent data about customers visiting the web site during the preceding six months is as follows:


Jan Feb Mar April May June
Number of web site visits 20 30 30 35 40 50
Number of email enquirers from customers about products  













The company has also placed a number of advertisements in local community newspapers. The CEO has indicated that during the time that the advertisement was placed (three times during consecutive three weeks), there were a number of enquiries about the company’s products and services but not leads. The CEO is unsure that this is the right medium for the company’s target group who are high income earners, seeking homes that are stylish, of high quality and innovative.


Currently, about 1% of total revenue is spent on marketing. The company’s total revenue for the financial year 2014/2015 was $2,000,000 and gross profit was $40,000. Marketing costs to date comprise of ongoing website maintenance and the newspaper advertisements referred to. The CEO recognises that he is committed to spending more on marketing and has indicated that the percentage could rise up to 3% depending on your recommendations.


Research shows that competitors are spending at least 5% of their budget


Regarding awareness of the company, market research has recently been conducted which showed the following:


4 out of 30 customers interviewed recognised the Boutique Building Australia name.


Complete the following activities:


  1. Conduct a strategic analysis and identify marketing objectives


The first part of this assessment task requires you to review the scenario information, as well as the Strategic and Operational Plan to conduct a strategic analysis and a review of marketing performance and use this to identify marketing opportunities as this will inform the development of marketing objectives for the company. You will need to complete all of the tasks below and develop a report using the Briefing Report Template provided by your assessor. Later you will present your report to the management team for discussion. The management team will be role-played by your assessor and at least two other students.


Your report must address:

  • An overview of the company’s mission, vision and values, key products and services as well as strategic objectives and operational priorities as set out in the Strategic Plan.
  • An assessment of the company’s current situation and the range of factors impacting on the company’s directions and targets. Use the information included in the SWOT analysis and market conditions to inform your Ensure that your analysis includes an outline of key market opportunities and the strengths and weakness of current products and services.
  • An assessment of the company’s legal and ethical requirements in relation to marketing. You will need to conduct research to identify requirements using the web references advised.
  • An assessment of the company’s marketing performance, including current marketing activities and positioning and effectiveness in relation to previous marketing objectives. You will also need to calculate the marketing return on investment for the figures provided. You may use examples of marketing plans and strategies and market analysis contained within these plans to assist you in in developing your performance review. A range of plans that can be used as examples are included at mplans.com
  • An investigation of at least three potential marketing opportunities for the company based on your strategic analysis and marketing performance review including an outline of each opportunity that discusses:
    • Alignment with the company’s objectives and goals and the objectives and goals described in the Marketing Plan
    • Overall benefits to the business of pursuing the opportunity
    • Anticipated effect of the marketing opportunity on sales, profitability, growth and market share.
    • Estimated effect on return on This should be an approximate estimate taking into account how much the likely cost of the opportunity would be against anticipated return.
    • How market conditions impact on the marketing opportunity
    • How any external factors such as technological or legal factors may affect the marketing opportunity.
    • Risks associated with the marketing opportunity.
  • Identification of suitable marketing objectives based on your strategic analysis, marketing performance review and identification of marketing opportunities. The objectives you recommend must be SMART objectives and you must explain how the objectives you recommend are achievable and realistic for the company in terms of marketing budget and staff resources. In recommending each of the marketing objectives, you should also explain how these link to the organisation’s strategic vision and values, as well as objectives. You should develop a minimum of two marketing objectives.
  • Identification of performance indicators that can be used to measure each of the marketing objectives you have identified


When you have completed your report, you will need to send it to the management team with a covering email that includes a summary of the purpose of the report and inviting the management team to a management meeting to discuss the proposed marketing objectives.

Print off a copy of the report to provide at the meeting and make sure you read the meeting requirements below to make sure you are prepared.


  1. Conduct meeting


This part of the assessment requires you to present your report to the management team to seek input on the proposed marketing objectives.


At the meeting, you are required to:

  • Provide an introduction to the meeting, clearly stating the purpose of the meeting.
  • Explain the key points from the briefing paper, including your strategic analysis and review of marketing performance identification of marketing opportunities and proposed marketing objectives.
  • Seek input on the proposed marketing objectives, as well as performance indicators.

The management team (your assessor) will provide you with feedback, which you must use to update your marketing objectives


During the meeting you will be required to demonstrate effective communication skills including:

  • Speaking clearly
  • Responding to questions
  • Using active listening techniques to confirm or clarify information, including the management team’s satisfaction or otherwise with the


Following the meeting, you should send an email to the management team confirming the agreed marketing objectives with the updated version of your Briefing Report.


  1. Develop a risk management plan


The final part of this assessment requires you to develop a marketing risk management strategy. The purpose of the risk management strategy is to identify and document risks for the marketing opportunities you have identified, as well as risk control measures.

You will need to develop your plan using the Risk Management Plan Template provided. Include a description of the risk, likelihood, impact, priority and preventative action/contingency plan. You will also need to review the risk legend provided to you to assess the likelihood and impact of the risk.


When you have completed your plan, send it to your assessor via email.


Assessment Task 2 Checklist

Student’s name:
Did the student: Completed successfully Comments
Yes No
Correctly identify strategic directions from the case study information and Strategic Plan including: mission, vision, purpose and values as well as directions?
Provide an analysis of the company’s current situation identifying all factors impacting on the company?
Outline key market opportunities and strengths and weakness of current products and services according to information in the Strategic Plan?
Identify and report on key legal and ethical requirements facing the company?
Review and report on marketing performance in relation to current activities and positioning, including return on marketing investment?
Evaluate marketing performance against current objectives?
Identify suitable for marketing opportunities for the business?
Review and report on at least three potential marketing opportunities using the research conducted and review of organisational documents?
Evaluate each of the marketing opportunities and report on anticipated impact on the business and its customers?
Assess the benefits and costs, as well as risks and opportunities of each marketing opportunity?
Develop suitable marketing objectives based on the strategic analysis, marketing performance review and marketing opportunities?
Demonstrate how the identified marketing objectives link to the organisation’s mission, vision and values and strategic directions and objectives?
Identify suitable performance indicators?
Consult with the management team on marketing objectives?


Student’s name:
Did the student: Completed successfully Comments
Yes No
Use feedback from management team to update marketing objectives?
Demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills including:

  • Speaking clearly and concisely
  • Using effective non-verbal communication skills to encourage audience interest
  • Responding to questions
  • Asking questions to seek feedback
  • Use of active listening techniques to confirm and clarify understanding
Develop a risk management strategy to identify and document risks for the marketing opportunities identified?
Produce all documents in clear and concise language?
Task Outcome: Satisfactory ¨ Not Satisfactory ¨
Assessor signature
Assessor name



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