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Assessment Cover Sheet


Instructions to the learner:


Print this coversheet and complete it by filling in all the required information and affixing your signature in the space provided. Your signature must be hand-signed. Scan the completed cover sheet and submit it along with your evidence submissions. Use the filename BSBMKG502Assessment 3 Cover Sheet.


Unit Title BSBMKG502
Unit Name Establish and adjust the marketing mix
Student Name
Phone & Email
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BSBMKG502 Assessment 3 Marketing Mix Adjustment Report


Assessment Summary:


For this assessment, you are required to develop a short report about adjusting the marketing mix for the case study based in response to lower than expected sales.


This assessment is to be completed in the ETTC simulated work environment provided by KCBT.


Resources Required:

  • Access to textbooks/other learning materials
  • Computer with Microsoft Office and internet access
  • Case Study
  • Revised Marketing Mix Report Template


Assessment Submission Due Date:


Your assessor will advise you of the due date of these submissions.


What evidence to Submit:

  • Email with revised marketing mix report attached


Assessment Instructions


Read the case study below.


“Local Realtors”


It is 1 year later, and the marketing mix that you had selected has not resulted in the desired increase in sales.

  • Whereas Local Realtors’ business goal was to exceed $1.7 million in revenue in the first year, but only $1.5 million in revenue was realised.
  • Due to an economic contraction over the last year, first home purchases dropped 10%.
  • The company’s share of the first-time couples’ house purchase business increased 2%.
  • The proportion of leads that have been converted into sales has remained constant


As a result, you need to review the marketing mix and provide a brief report on recommended changes.

In developing your report, you should take into account that the Managing Director has indicated that any changes must ensure that overall business objectives are still met, as well as the desired positioning as expressed in the marketing objectives in the Marketing Plan.

You have also been asked to ensure that the change incurs either minimal or no expenses.


Complete the following activities:


  1. Write a revised marketing mix report


The report should address each of the points below.


  • An analysis of market trends in Melbourne real estate over the last twelve months, and whether this may have affected Local Realtors’ results.
  • A review of any changes to legislation (such as negative gearing, or lending restrictions, and whether this may have affected Local realtors’ results.
  • An analysis of each component of the marketing mix and possible reasons as to why this component of the marketing mix may have not led to the increase in sales desired.
  • Based on the information that your assessor has given you, an analysis of which component/s of the marketing mix should be changed and why.
  • Testing marketing mix components. Choose two components of the marketing mix changes that you have suggested and outline how their influence on overall performance could be tested.
  • An assessment of how you think changing the component/s of the marketing mix affects the business’ performance, especially with regard to sales.
  • An assessment of how you believe changing the component of the marketing mix will affect the business’ customers
  • How you consider the changes you suggest still meet business objectives
  • Whether changes to the marketing mix will incur further expenses


Although not every one of these points and questions can be conclusively answered, you are required to demonstrate that you understand the point being discussed.


The report should be approximately 2 to 3 pages long.

Use Revised Marketing Mix Report Template to guide your work.


  1. Send an email to the Managing Director (your assessor).

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachment,


Attach your Revised Marketing Mix Report to the email.


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