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Assessment Task 6: Evaluate and review change management plan project


Carefully read the following:


Assume that the following change management objectives are included as part of the change management process for Samson Media: objectives:

  • Employees are satisfied with information provided as part of change management process.
  • Communication occurs through multiple channels.


The following communication activities were implemented:

  • Weekly staff meeting
  • Newsletter updates through staff email


It is 1 month into the change process, and a staff survey of the remaining staff has been conducted.


Complete the following activities:


  1. Based on your review of the change management objectives, communication activities implemented, and the staff survey comments, evaluate the effectiveness of the change management process and provide recommendations for improving communication activities.



  1. Develop a short brief for the CEO of the organisation about your review and recommending updates to the change management plan through relevant communication activities. Provide a summary of themes from the staff survey, as well as your rationale for further communication activities.



  1. Submit the brief to the CEO (your assessor) as an draft an email attachment.



Assessment Task 6 Checklist


 Student ID:  Student’s name:
 Assessor name:
  Did the student: Completed successfully  Comments
Yes No
Review staff survey comments and identity key themes? ¨ ¨
Evaluate the effectiveness of the change management process according to data reviewed and change management objectives?  




Develop information for staff to assist with facilitating embracing of change and to encourage participation in change management processes?  




Update change management plan based on the review and evaluation? ¨ ¨
 Task Outcome: Satisfactory ¨ Not Satisfactory ¨
 Student signature and date
 Assessor signature and date


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