BSBADM405 Organise Meetings Performance Criteria Assessment Answers


BSBADM405 Organise Meetings


Unit Description and Application


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to organise meetings including making arrangements, liaising with participants, and developing and distributing meeting related documentation.


It applies to individuals employed in a range of work environments who are required to organise a variety of meetings. They may provide administrative support within an enterprise, or have responsibility for these tasks in the context of a particular team, workgroup or project.


No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.


Question 1:


Task 1: Report

Consider a meeting that you have attended. At the time, you probably did not think about the requirements of the meeting (or participants).  Reflect upon the meeting from an organiser’s point of view. Briefly describe the:

Your response should not exceed 100 words for each.


• Purpose of the meeting
• Meeting structure
• Voting procedures (if applicable)
• Number of participants
• Specific resources and equipment required by participants
• Telephone or video conferencing equipment
• Teleconferencing or video conferencing meeting protocols
• Refreshments


Question 2:


Task 2: Report

Find the meanings of the following words associated with meetings:


• Agenda
• Quorum
• Apologies
• Business Arising
• Minutes
• Standing Items
• Proposal
• Discussion
• Motions
• Unanimous


Question 3:


Task 3: Report

Your CEO has asked you to organise a meeting with the five senior executives of the organisation to discuss the KPIs for the next quarter. It needs to be held in the conference room form 9am to 12 noon next Wednesday. Each of the executives needs to give a short presentation using PowerPoint. Create a checklist to help you organise the meeting. Your response should not exceed 100 words.


Draft an email to advise the five executives in the scenario of the meeting and asking for agenda items. Your response should not exceed 100 words.


Question 4:


Task 4: Report

You are a member of the The William Light Institute Sporting club who are holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the near future.


There are going to be reports from the club president, secretary, treasurer, and coach. It is an election year, so the president, secretary, and treasurer will be standing down pending an election for these positions. There are also four committee members who will stand down and an election held for their positions.


So far, the setting of annual subscriptions and the purchase of a computer have been flagged as discussion items (needing resolution for the meeting).


You have volunteered to create the agenda for the meeting. Using the above information, create an agenda for the AGM. You might have to make some assumptions in completing the agenda.

You can see the Appendix 1: sample agenda item attached at the end of the assessment.


Question 5:


Task 5: Role play

With a colleague practice summarising and paraphrasing to understand and be understood.


Question 6:


Task 6: Report

Task 4 required you to establish the agenda for The William Light Institute Sports Club Annual General Meeting. Break into groups of 4 and Review Task 4 and finalise the agenda.


Nominate a Chair who will also be the President. Other participants are to be allocated the roles of Secretary Treasurer and Coach. Prepare verbal reports for each role. Prepare your arguments for or against the new business proposals then conduct the meeting.


Members of another group will take the minutes of your meeting and send them to the Facilitator.

After finishing the meeting you will join another group’s meeting and take the minutes. Send the minutes to the Chair for checking. Send the revised minutes to members by email.


Submit revised minutes and your email trail to the facilitator. Your response should not exceed 200 words.


BSBADM405 Organise Meetings Performance Criteria
identify the type of meeting being organized and its purpose    
Identify requirements of the meeting and its participants    
Make meeting arrangements in accordance with meeting and participants requirements    
Advise participants of meeting details    
Prepare notice of meeting, agenda and meeting papers in accordance with meeting and participants requirements    
Check documentation for accuracy and correct any errors    
Distribute documentation to participants within designated timelines    
Prepare spare sets of documents    
Take notes with the required speed and accuracy to ensure there is an accurate record of the meeting    
Produce minutes that reflect a true and accurate account of the meeting    
Check minutes for accuracy and submit for approval by the nominated person    
Dispatch copies of minutes within designated timelines    


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