LA022328 Assessment 1 BSBADM405 Organise Meeting


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What you have to do

This assessment requires you to organise meeting arrangements for the below case study and complete short answer questions.


Read the following case study and complete the below tasks.


Case study


Imagine you work for Grosvenor Publishing Company. The Chairperson of the Work Health and Safety Committee has asked you to make meeting arrangements for the next meeting of the committee, prepare the notice of meeting, the agenda and any meeting papers that may be required. You have been given the following details:


  • the date for the meeting is Friday 10 December 20XX in the company’s board room, Level 1, commencing at 11.00 am
  • the meeting should end at 12.30 pm and we’ll be providing a light lunch. There are 20 committee members including the Chairperson.
  • Grosvenor Publishing Company policy on organising meetings requires the notice of meetings to be distributed to relevant participants fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting and the agenda to be distributed three to five (3 to 5) days prior to the meeting.


Items for discussion include:


  • improvement to lighting over editors’ workstations
  • report on investigation of storage facilities offsite
  • the fire evacuation plan has been finalised and a date is needed for the fire drill and evacuation procedures to occur
  • restocking first aid equipment for the clinic


Committee members will need copies of:


  • list of current inventory of first aid equipment
  • fire evacuation proposal from John Everton – we only have one copy of this.


Any further agenda items should directed to the secretary, Jane Pashmoor, extension 204, by 5 December. The 5 December has arrived and you have received the following additional agenda items:


  • Buckled carpet causing a tripping hazard near water cooler area on Level 2
  • Water leaks from overhead air conditioning duct on Level 2

Task 1

1.  Complete the following tasks based on the case study.


  • Download and complete the Meeting Planner from the OLS to plan your meeting.


a) Using the meeting planner as a guide, list the meeting arrangements you will have to make for the meeting.

b) List the documentation you will need for participants at the meeting.

c) By what date should you send out the notice of meeting for the Occupational Health and Safety Committee meeting according to the Grosvenor Publishing Company policy?

d) What information should be included on the notice of meeting? (List four items).


2.  With the information you have from the case study produce the following meeting documents:


  • Notice of Meeting
  • Agenda.


3.  Complete the following short answer questions.


a) State the purpose of an agenda

b) What is the difference between a notice of meeting and an agenda?

c) What is a quorum?

d) Refer to the Case Study for Grosvenor Publishing Company policy procedure organising a meeting and include the required timeframes.

e) Explain why notes taken at a meeting should be typed up as soon as possible after the conclusion of the meeting.

f) What is the role of the chairperson in a meeting?

g) State an aspect of an Annual General Meeting that makes it different to all other meetings.

h) Formal meetings have a general pattern to follow. Other than the time, date and venue list at least three other things that are included in the minutes of a formal meeting.

i) Describe three (3) culturally appropriate communication techniques that you could use when holding a meeting with people from different cultures?

j) List the key provisions of the following legislation that may affect/need to be considered when organising meetings.


  • Work health and safety laws
  • Privacy laws
  • Anti-discrimination legislation


Use the following checklist to ensure that you have completed all the necessary tasks.


Assessment checklist


I have:


  • downloaded a meeting planner from the OLS website
  • answered questions a to e
  • completed a Notice of Meeting
  • completed an Agenda
  • completed the short answer questions a to j



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