BMHR 5103 Assignment Solutions on Human Resource Management

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Assignment Details:-

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Question 1


Strategically, in order to remain sustainable, organizations must make sure that their diversity principles apply to all levels be it at middle managers, supervisors, and non-management employees.

Based on the above statement, discuss what are the changes in workforce diversity will affect HR management? Support your answer.


Question 2


Employers use two basic approaches to setting pay rates: market-base approaches and job evaluation. Many firms, particularly the smaller ones, simply use a market-based approach. If you were a manager for a bigger firm will you use both market-base approach and job evaluation or just one method? Give reasons and describe one of the methods or the one method that you choose.






Assume you are the human resource manager of a hypermarket in Malaysia. The general manager has told you that customers have begun complaining about the service quality of your front liners. Currently, the training consists of your supervisors showing new employees how the job should be executed.


Assuming your needs assessment indicates that you need a more rigorous training programme, how would you plan such a training program? What steps should you take in planning the program? Suggest suitable training programmes for the above scenario.




Imagine that a pet supply store is establishing a new performance management system to help employees provide better customer service. The management needs to decide who should participate in measuring the performance of each of the store’s salespeople.


Discuss from what sources should the store gather information in establishing a new performance management system for the store? Justify your answer.


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