Get Homework Answer on Entrepreneurship In A Digital Age Assignment Task

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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: Open
  • Words: 1750
  • Course Code: BM311
  • Course Title: entrepreneurship in a digital age 
  • University: Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Country: AU



Assessment Task Description:


This is an individual task in which you will be analysing a case study and answering the questions of the case study given by the lecturer. Answer the case study questions by applying the theories you have learnt in class. Students must analyse the set of circumstances in the case study according to relevant theories and make recommendations to solve a problem based on the question asked.


Case studies require you to demonstrate the skills of observation, analysis, problem-solving, together with applying theories you have learnt and read about. The first stage of analysing a case study is to observe what is taking place. Then you need to be clear about what kind of task you have been asked to do. Are you being asked to: observe a case and explain what happened? Analyse the case by reference to theories on the topic? Identify major problems and offer solutions?


Please find the case below using the weblink


Jeff Bezos, Amazon and the final frontier (2017, November). INTHEBLACK. Retrieved from

Read the given Case Study scenario and answer all four questions as follows:

Q1: Reflect on and explain how Jeff Bezos used the ‘critical thinking process’ theory to develop Amazon.

Q2: Explain Amazon’s vision of the customer-centric model to explain how Jeff Bezos doubled his success through the use of shared vision.

Q3: Explain what Jeff Bezos meant by ‘invention is not disruptive; it is customer adoption that is disruptive’.

Q4: Describe how Amazon used Artificial Intelligence in its business.