BIOL2262- Genetics And Biology of Algae Assignment 

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  • Referencing Styles: MLA
  • Words:1750
  • Course Code: BIOL 2262
  • Course Title: Biology of Algae
  • University: Adler University
  • Country: US



1. Identify the various types of plasma proteins and understand the general function of each.


2. Which is the most abundant type of plasma protein, and its two primary functions?


3. List common molecules found in blood plasma


4.  What is the stem cell that gives rise to all formed elements?


5. What are the two main precursor cells that give rise to formed elements? This is a discussion post. Answer and source should be underneath each question. Source Citation Examples Include COMPLETE source reference (or 1 point will be lost) for all assignments: For a text include: author(s), year published, text title, page numbers of referenced material Text example: Colbert, BJ; Ankeny, J; & Lee, KT. 2007.


Anatomy and Physiology for Health Profession, an Interactive Journey. P 253. For a web source include: the author if given, year if given, article title and exact web page address where the information was found – I should be able to go directly to your source information by going to the web address you give me.


Web Example (the web example MUST take the reader to the exact page where information was found – NOT the homepage of a website) or it will be considered incomplete and lose a point: Indiana University Writing Tutorial Services. 2004. Plagiarism: What it is and How to recognize and Avoid It. Work Experience/ or Class Example (do not use these often): Job title /Class name. Dates of employment / Class (including school and Instructor). CNA. 2004 – 2008. North-woods living Center. Microbiology. Fall 2004. MSCTC. S Petermann.