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Financial Accounting



Read the Preface, Acknowledgments and the back cover before you start reading chapter 1. It is a great way to get to know your book.


Chapter 1 Diversity in the United States; Questions and Concepts is found in Part 1 an introduction to the study of minority groups in the United States.


Wk 1 Dis 1: At the end of the chapter you will find the section: “Review questions”. For your Discussions, choose 2 of the questions and post your answers to them.


Label the number of the question you answered (or type it out). In your discussion repeat elements of the question to help give the reader background of the question you have chosen.


IMPORTANT: Late work is not accepted. In order to gain the most points for your discussion you most post your work by midnight Saturday night. Check your calendars, assignments should be appearing with their due dates.




Wk 1 – Discussion 2


22 unread replies. 22 replies.


Wk 1 Dis 2: Given what you have read and any research you would like to do, in your second discussion post what “Diversity” means to you.


Remember to check the Discussion Grading Rubric to earn a quality grade!



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