BA5004 Assignment Essay on Business Research Methods

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Assignment Details:-

  • Document Type: Assignment help (any type)
  • Subject: Business
  • Number of Words: 1000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard
  • University: Standard, Premium


Stage One

You are required to conduct a review of the article shared with you in order to come up with an appropriate and relevant interview schedule. You should only concentrate on section 3.3 regarding the antecedents of the entrepreneurial self-efficacy.


Stage Two

You are required to conduct a qualitative interview of no more than 20 minutes addressing the main aspects of the concepts included in the article.


Stage Three

You are required to transcribe on a WORD processor and analyse the content using an appropriate qualitative data analysis.


Stage Four

You are required to produce a reflection on the process of the three stages above.


The assignment format


The assignment should be produced in an essay format and should be structured as follows:

1. An account of the analysis that you have conducted on the interview This account includes:


  1. A short introduction that covers the topic and the specific issue (e.g. The entrepreneurial antecedents such as work experience, presence of a mentor etc…) of the interview and an overview of the interview schedule. Here you should say what influenced your choice of interview You should display the primary questions only (No prompt questions necessary here) (approx.: 200 words).


  1. The rationale for your choice of qualitative interview (unstructured or semi-structured) and your analytic strategy (e.g. the reasons and justifications for why you chose thematic analysis or template analysis) and the suitability to your chosen issue. You may need to reference relevant research methods (Approx.: 100 words)


  1. How you conducted the data analysis. You need to make your description of the analysis process as clear and as transparent as possible, so if you are using template analysis you should include information on, for example, how you constructed the template, how you performed the coding process, the final template and why this changed from the initial (Approx.: 200 words)


  1. The findings of your This will for example include an interpretation of the themes that flow from the interview (and the transcript) presented using an order of choice. (Approx.: 200 words)


  1. A reflection on the process of interviewing and You need want to focus on issues such as the insights your analysis has provided into the research topic, the difficulties you encountered in conducting the interviews, the difficulty you encountered in conducting your analysis, the quality of your results, the limitations of using interviews to study your research topic and the limitations of the analytical approach taken as well as any ethical issues that arose in the research. (Approx.: 200 words).


2. An appendix that includes:

    1. A copy of the original transcript including the interview
    2. The audio file of your interview
    3. Evidence of analysis (e.g. a copy of a template or a copy of a transcript with annotation of the codes and themes). You could use the same file in a).


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