ADMS2510 Managerial Accounting Assignment Solutions


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: ADMS2510
  • Course Title: Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 4250
  • University: York University
  • Country: CA


Assignment Task:-


If you require Accommodations or have a prescribed conflict with another exam that is also formally scheduled by the Registrar’s Office, then you will fill out THIS FORM by Monday, December 7, at the latest, as we require at least one week to confirm your status and to configure your assessment according to the conflict or accommodation. If you require accommodations, you still need to complete the form regardless of having completed it for midterms 1 or 2. Please read this announcement with care and in detail.


1) How to access and get set-up for the midterm – Carefully read the announcement sent initially on September 20. Note: you are responsible for following instructions and getting set-up and ready for the assessment.

2) Final Exam Assessment – Consists of “individual assessments”, which will be rolled out sequentially and separately as per the schedule provided below.


These questions include both quantitative (calculation) and qualitative (short answer/short essay) questions. The questions are often like those from your homework assignments and end of chapter practice questions.


The assessment is Closed-Book and to be done individually by the enrolled student. Submissions will be reviewed, and students may be contacted at random to help validate the academic integrity of the assessment. Please ensure you have read the Academic Honesty information on the September 20 eClass announcement. At the start of each part, you will be shown a short consent, as follows: By proceeding to complete this assessment, I acknowledge and understand that:

  • I must complete this assessment individually and by myself, and as per any guidelines announced in the course site.
  • All answers that I submit are in my own words and represent my own thoughts/ideas. I am NOT submitting work prepared in whole or in part by another person (or resource) and representing it as my own.
  • Plagiarism is the misappropriation of the work of another by representing another person’s ideas, writing or other intellectual property as one’s own. This includes copying (or memorizing/regurgitating) word-for-word and mildly re-reworded work from another resource without consent.
  • Any suspected breach of Academic Honesty will be investigated, and charges shall be laid if reasonable and probable grounds exist.
  • NOTE: Do NOT click “Submit” OR “Save & Exit” until you are sure that you are ready to submit the question. You have only ONE attempt to submit your answer. Before submitting (or before time is up), it is advised that you carefully review the question for the number of parts and sections, which can be represented by tabs or section breaks, navigated by “next” and “back” buttons. *Schedule* – Each of the parts will be available online as follows (all times are ET, Toronto, CA time zone)

To complete question + 5 min. to review/finish within the available window; auto-submits and locks at 02:33 PM) . to review/finish within the available window; auto-submits and locks at to review/finish within the available window; auto-submits and locks to review/finish within the available window; auto-submits and locks at 05:10 PM) Reminder: If you disconnect during the exam, you will not receive extra time. It is your responsibility to be prepared and plan ahead. Please ensure you have read the internet connectivity note on the September 20 eClass announcement. Please note that although the assessment will be online, it will be similar to that of what was planned for an in-person one. Thus, your best study plan for learning the course material will be to study the exercises and problems at the back of the respective chapters. Further questions about what to study, how to study, format, or practice will not be addressed by Course Directors (please refer to the details on prior announcements and the course outline). On the day of the assessment, Course Directors will not be available to answer content questions. You should only be logged onto the Connect platform and be completing the online assessment on your own.