Strategic management is a technique that uses of Business resources and reaches organizational goals and objectives efficiently. Strategic Management required reflection on the Process and procedures with the organization and external factors that may impact the company functions. The Process of Strategic Management should Guide top-level actions and decisions. Companies and industries are taking benefits of the practice of strategic management.


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Strategic Management Assignment Sample


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How Does Strategic Management Work? Its Process, Steps And Component


Strategic Management includes finding objective goals, Analyzing the Competitors environment, Analysis, the internal organization, evaluating the strategic, and ensuring the management rolls out the strategy across the organization.


Its Process and steps: 


Strategic Management has Mainly four Steps:

  • Organization Scanning and Analysing
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Strategy Evaluate


Strategic Management Process




What is the Purpose of Strategic Management?


Below write some purpose of strategic management:

  • Explore and discover new and different opportunities for the future.
  • To Make managers and organizational members more alert about the opportunities and threadings development in their corporation field.
  • It is to help the entrepreneur to unify its managerial and organizational efforts.
  • To provides the opportunity to managers and leaders for evaluating the company budget according to the situation.


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