What is the ideal mechanical benefit of a single set pulley? Can it be used as a power multiplier?


A. 1.5 , Yes

B. 1.5 , No

C. 1 , Yes

D. 1 , No


Answer:- D. 1 , No

A single fixed crane has the perfect motorized advantage of 1 since the effort force is equivalent to the load force. No, this cannot be used as a force multiplier, instead, it is implemented to change the way of force applied. A single fixed real pulley has a motorized advantage of less than one. There is a modification in force direction, and some work is executed to overcome the friction in the pulley.

The axle refers to the pulley’s rotational axis. In the perfect condition, a movable pulley has the motorized advantage of 2. As a consequence, a moveable pulley is one that does not have a secure rotation axis. This has a mechanical advantage of 2 in the ideal case. The perfect mechanical advantage for a single portable pulley is 2. This has a velocity ratio of two. As a force multiplier, it is employed. The direction of load is the similar as the course of effort.


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