Scholarly literature can be categorized into different kinds. Most of them are related to the research for establishing the original study. On the other hand, some of the pieces of literature revolve around the previously published research. However, most of the scholars are confused about the difference between a research paper and a research article.




Reviews and research papers both are different things that you cannot combine. The striking point about review and research paper is that both of these have similar objectives mainly for the readers. To understand the major Different between a research paper and a research article, you need to search more about the research and review definition.


In this blog, we will consider what is a review paper, research paper, and its type. Read the below-mentioned information to know more about both of these aspects.


Let’s Discuss The Research Paper Firstly:


What Is A Research Paper?


The researchers commence investigation on a unique topic and the information they found represented on the paper. This investigated paper is known as the research paper. The major aspect of the research paper is the analysis of the particular topic.


Not only this, but you need to mention evidence that supports their study. Additionally, you will have to add the conclusion of your research study. The answer consists of the question and also includes a hypothesis. When it comes to the format of the research paper, the format is the same for all the subjects.


The research paper must be authentic and does not copy the published work. The data varies from the software used while conducting the authentic experiment.


What Is A Review Paper?


Review papers are known as universal papers which has the focus on various areas. These areas include articles in journals, magazines, software, and book. Apart from it, the review paper meaning is a study or the survey of that research paper which was published currently.


These sorts of papers are reviewed by a number of scholars. To draft the perfect review paper, you must have an understanding of what other learners have mentioned on the subject. You should also be aware of the types of a review paper to create the Review paper PDF.


Additionally, with the review paper sample, you get the idea about how to draft a perfect review paper and the types of review papers. To clarify your doubt about the review paper, you can check the Scientific review paper example.


Apart from the difference between research paper and review paper, let us focus on the difference between research article and review article:


What Is The Difference Between Research Articles Paper And Review Articles Paper?


If you do not know pretty much about the research article and review article, mentioned information will clarify all of your doubts.


What Is A Research Article? 


The research article is known as the empirical or primary source which includes various sections. These sections consist of introduction, methods, results, discussions, and other points. To get more information about the: what is research article PDF? you can explore the examples or templates.


What Is A Review Article?


The review article is named as the literature review which includes the information analysis about the research conducted already. The scholars work on summarizing the actual state of research on the specific topic.


With the above-mentioned information, now you get an idea about the Research report vs. literature report comparison. Once you come to know about the difference between a review paper and a research paper, now you are ready to write the review paper accurately.


How To Write A Review Paper PPT?


To write the best review paper, you need to focus on the below-mentioned aspects.


Consider the Journal’s aim and Scope

Pay attention to the aim and scope of the journal on which you are working. Follow each thing accurately. The paper varies from journal to journal. So, before submitting it, focus on journal requirements.


Explicate your Scope

Do not forget to mention the scope of the review paper and the research question you are working on. Make sure that your paper has contributed something unique in the field.


Search about the Sources to Evaluate

When it is a matter of evaluating the sources, you should search on various search engines. Due to it, you will not miss any essential source.


Mention the title, Abstract, and Keywords

Instead of writing the title, abstract, and keywords in rush, give the quality of time to these factors. It will be fruitful in enhancing the visibility of your article on the online platform. It is essential that your title and abstract must be easy to read and accurate.


Introduction about the Topic

The introduction is the heart of your review paper which you need to focus on. Do deep research on writing the introduction. Focus on making your introduction attractive.


Add the critical Discussion 

Make sure that you add a critical discussion instead of a descriptive summary of the specific topic. Add the discussion of both sides and work deeply on it.


Sum it

In this portion, you can add about creating some suggestions which are related to the future research on the topic as a conclusion.


These are some factors on which you need to focus while drafting the perfect review paper. With the help of all these factors, you can write about the best and impress your readers too.


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