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CDR writing is always a daunting task. Most of the time, Engineers with big dreams to settle down in Australia and earn big, made common blunders in their CDR report. Resultantly, they have to face rejection. Hence, the most asked question among Australia immigrants is ‘How do I submit CDR to Engineers Australia?’ To which we have a convincing answer.




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Before you become curious about how to master the art of writing CDR Report for Engineers Australia, you need to know something first.


We have explained every feature explicitly so you can have a clear idea about how to write and submit a CDR report to Engineers Australia.

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What does the CDR report contain?


The CDR report must contain a description of any 3 of the career episodes which a candidate has performed in his organization/s with which he can demonstrate his engineering skills.

The candidate qualifies as an Engineer/technical person (according to the Australian standards) if he can demonstrate all the required competencies listed by Engineers Australia.


Why do you need to write CDR Report?


In Australia, there is a high demand for competent engineers. The industrial growth has offered opportunities due to a rise in economic growth and development of technology.

For those who fall under the skilled category migration, like engineers, there is a vast scope of great success and earnings. And for this only you need to go for Migration Skill Assessment by Engineers Australia.

For accomplishing this process, any talented engineer has to undergo an immigration process involving various steps at each stage which are meant to judge your suitability as a candidate to qualify for immigration. This process is based on writing a professional CDR Report for Engineers- the most crucial document, required to be submitting to EA, CDR Australia.

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We are known for holding the unbeatable position regarding services of CDR skill assessment report writing for EA. We have the best professional teams of Engineer writers with experiences, along with excellence over records of success. We further assure quality CDR writing along with services of reviewing regarding every available discipline of engineering.


We also present other services like

  • Writing resumes for EA,
  • Summary Statements along with
  • checking of plagiarism of CDR Australia Engineers


Within our expert CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia, we offer the following services:

  • Writing Complete CDR report for Engineers Australia
  • Writing Career Episodes only
  • Reviewing and assisting in CDR writing
  • Rephrasing CDR Reports for CDR Engineers Australia
  • Summarize Career Episodes to write Summary Statement


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At, we have samples to help you recognise the process of report writing and what is inside it. Now you can easily understand the criteria in a CDR and submit your CDR to EA. These are approved reports from the past as all of them are in the EA (Engineers Australia) database. So it is advised strictly not to copy them as a direct copy and paste partially/completely, will inevitably result in your rejection due to plagiarism.


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