Mos 3305 Tasks: Human Factors in Aviation


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: Mos 3305
  • Course Title: Human Factors in Aviation
  • Referencing Styles : Open
  • Words: 9500
  • University: University of Western Ontario
  • Country: CA



Tasks Round



Choose a researcher in the human factors field that you find particularly interesting. It can be anyone in the field of human aviation factors, accident investigation, organizational psychology, or the like. If in doubt feel free to ask some exclusions apply –no UWO researchers or someone you worked with on a co-op term etc. Action: Post on OWL the name of the researcher you will create a profile of round.



Perform a search on your researcher focusing on their professional career. Can you identify where they went to graduate school, what subject they performed their PhD in?


What are some significant concepts, models, methods, findings, and ideas that they have developed over their career?


How do they connect to concepts we have or will cover in this course?


What are their 2-3 most ‘famous’ or often cited research papers?


What are they working on now and how has their career evolved?


Provide a link to one important paper (conference/journal) they have written that is available online (you may have to be ‘on campus’ to be able to follow the link –that is fine).What are the 2 questions that you would like to ask them if they came to give a talk at UWO?


Synthesize your findings into a profile of your researcher. The profile should be approximately equivalent to the 1-page multi-paragraph single-spaced “Word” document. Part of your job is to decide what facts your peers will find most interesting and to present the material in as effective a manner as possible.



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