Golfgamez (A) and (B): Funding a Digital Startup Case Analysis


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Golfgamez (A) and (B) Funding a Digital Startup



Case Description


A budding entrepreneur wants to start a mobile software company by developing a golf scoring and playing app called Golfgamez. He has assembled some raw data related to market size, as well as start-up and development costs, but is unsure how to proceed. He must evaluate the revenue and cost estimates for this business idea and prioritize the issues he faces. He must also consider the costs and benefits of available funding options, such as debt, equity or accelerator funding; crowdfunding; government grants; or sweat equity funding. Should he quit his successful career in banking to pursue his dream, should he try to do this part time and risk failure or should he give up altogether?




Each group is to prepare a written report and a presentation to address the following questions; using the above cases (A) and (B):


  1. What are the key questions that face Call MacTavish? How would you prioritize these issues?
  2. Develop a spreadsheet to estimate potential revenues, as well as capital and operating costs, for the venture. Be prepared to ‘show the numbers’
  3. Using case (B), further develop your spreadsheet to analyze the various funding and investment options. Be sure to clarify any assumptions you make. What recommendations might you make, given the evidence provided?
  4. Include any other insights to support your case analysis, e.g. referring to relevant course material, frameworks, etc.


Written Report Requirements (10% of final mark)


Executive report format (concise, succinct and well-written):


  1. Executive summary: key findings and recommendations
  2. Introduction to case
  3. Report sections aligned to project questions
  4. Conclusions and recommendations


  • No longer than 4 pages, you can use single space font 11 min.


Presentation Requirements (5% of final mark)


  • 10 minute presentation with additional 5-10 minutes for questions
  • All group members to present
  • Please ensure any figures and number are legible on slides



Case ID : 9B13E010; 9B13E011 Website for Cases:






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