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CTIM 2145 Application of Advanced Database




Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: CTIM 2145
  • Course Title: advanced database applications
  • Referencing Styles: APA 
  • Words: 8000
  • University: Austin Peay State University
  • Country: US


CTIM 2145 Question 1:-

You will be proving the database connectivity recommendation for SilverStar Bank. The bank is helping companies to provide online transaction for the customers who hold their credit card (SilverStar Card).


Please consider the following parameters:

  • The Bank’s has one big Relational Database.
  • The relational database keeps all customer data transactions.
  • The Bank’s database server is in the main office in NYC, NY.
  • Processing 5000,000 customers a day.
  • Allows anywhere, anytime data access using mobile devices via the Internet.
  • The Bank’s database can be accessed remotely by the customers and the companies as well.
  • The Bank’s database has an interface to have other databases to communication via network connections.
  • Each cash transaction should be reported to the related company.



NiceShoes Inc is selling shoes online. When a customer orders a product with SilverStar Bank credit card, the payment must go thought SilverStar Bank. When the amount secured, SilverStar Bank should access the NiceShoes database to update the payment info. Here two databases are communicating with each other over the Internet. There are three nodes here; The customer point of sale ( credit card reader), NiceShoes Inc payment processing system and SilverStar Bank database. All three sections are inter connected via data networks.


Q1: How to integrate the SilverStar Bank database with other company’s databases with the Internet connection. How would you provide Database Connectivity via Internet?

List the available Database Connectivity Types and then let us know which one you would prefer and why?


Q2: What kind of Database Connectivity Interfaces you would utilize? And why?

Please submit two pages APA style objective summary of the video and emphasize on the following points:

  1. Your thoughts about the video
  2. Did anything surprise you?
  3. How will you use these principles in your submissions here at IGU?

CTIM2145 Question 2:-

The Potential of Cloud Computing

You have given resources where you would be able the collect the data, and tasked to do data-driven analysis and utilize data visualization techniques to deliver your solution to the business leaders (Hospital Owners and Managers)


The Case

The main parameters of the current Hospital

  • 250 Patients Capacity
  • 45 full-time Doctors
  • 150 full-time Nurses

Hospital’s existing private DATA CENTER has the followings

  • Database to record each patient’s information
  • Database for HR to record employees (doctors and nurses)
  • One database to record the companies that provide support and services (Pharmacy, Bool test Lab, Credit Card payment processing)
  • Data Processing Center to prepare medical bills


Near Future Challenges:

The Hospital will merge with two Hospitals in the city, and the new Hospital complex will eventually become very popular. And, there will be more patients (more than 1500) and more employees (120 Doctors, 370 Nurses). This growth of Patients and employee numbers are, of course, good for the Hospital, but the Hospital Owners and Managers worried about the current DATA CENTER. The CURRENT DATA CENTER cannot handle this fast growth of Patients and Employee numbers. They need your help with the solution. You should consider Hospital’s management expectations shortly and present them the Cloud Computing as an alternative solution for the fast-growing data center needs.



Your task is to provide a data-driven analysis of the potential for using cloud computing services in the medical and health industry. And, present a convincing case for the business leaders (Hospital Owners and Managers) to migrate to cloud computing.

The steps that you must cover in your PowerPoint presentation;

  1. Explain context
  2. Choose an appropriate display in your diagrams and charts
  3. Eliminate clutter in your diagrams. You should have nice and clean diagrams and graphs with proper labels, title and colour. You must have legends for each diagram on your PowerPoint
  4. Draw attention where you want your audience to focus. Use symbols, arrows etc.
  5. Tell a story