BMKT 161 Project work on Business Marketing Management


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: BMKT 161
  • Course Title: Marketing
  • Referencing Styles: Open
  • Words: 2750
  • University: Capilano University
  • Country: CA




The industry that will be studied by all groups is: Industry: Pet Food in Canada Conduct an environmental scan using all the external forces (Chapter 2): • • • • Format: I. II. III. The environmental scan involves collecting facts about the industry through secondary research and including these facts in your report. In each section, you must then explain how you think each of the environmental factors could positively and/or negatively a company that is operating in the sector. You are a marketer who is interested in conducting business in the pet food industry. You are researching the industry and trying to figure out what the industry looks like in Canada. Based on your findings, you are evaluating if this is a good or bad time to operate a pet food business in Canada. The region you will focus on is Canada, however; also give recommendations for operating in Vancouver, Canada. Title Page. Make sure both names are entered. No name, no mark! Introduction: A paragraph Environmental Scan, the Six External Forces. Use a heading for each of the Forces.


  1. Demographics: What are the demographic characteristics of the Canadian market?Size of the market segment/s? What are the trends?
  2. Socio-cultural: Which socio-cultural trends affect the market segments for the Pet Food industry?
  3. Competitive: Who are the major competitors? What’s going on with these organizations? How is competition changing? What are the trends?
  4. Technological: What type of technology could impact the Pet Food industry? What are the trends in technology?
  5. Economic: What are the current economic conditions that impact the Canadian market? What are the economic predictions for the future? How might those predictions impact the pet food business? What are the trends?
  6. Regulatory: What laws/regulations could affect the production and marketing of pet food products? How are the regulations changing? What are the trends?


IV V textbook is not considered a reference. Make sure you paraphrase all of your research material. Conclusion/Summary: A paragraph References: You must include all your sources of information (APA format). You only have 10 pages and 6 topics to cover. You must be succinct with your research as well as providing good content with a unique point of view. Remember, you have not formed a company. You are thinking of going into the pet food industry. You do not have a company or idea of what you what to do for this paper.



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